Secondhand Hounds

“Well, I started the rescue saying I would NEVER have more than 20 dogs at a time.”   These are the words of Rachel Mariose, founder of Secondhand Hounds.  Rachel started Secondhand Hounds in 2009 wanting to help animals in need, but thinking she would keep her organization small.  Last I checked Secondhand Hounds has helped over 9000 animals find forever homes.  I read her words in an article a few months back, and they’ve stuck with me.  I love that her good intentions grew into becoming one of the largest rescues in Minnesota.  It just shows that anything is possible when you let your heart lead you.  I’m in awe of what she has done, and so thrilled to announce that the next donation will go to Secondhand Hounds.  Our Charlie is one of the many dogs that Secondhand Hounds has helped find a forever home.  Please help spread the word about EllieBellie Project by liking AND sharing our page, so we can reach our next goal of a donation to this great organization.