It’s Contest Time

Win the chance to decide which rescue organization will receive the next EBP $300 donation!  I’m pretty confident that we are not the only ones who have given our dogs nicknames, and I want to know what silly names your dog(s) have, so here are the rules for this contest. Remember to complete ALL the steps, in order to qualify.
1 – Add a photo of your dog to the comments section of this post. Along with your dog’s real name, and their silliest nickname(s) – (you know, the one that you would never use in public). If you have more than one dog, please do separate “comments” for each.
2 – Share this EllieBellie Project post on Facebook.
3 – Keep your fingers crossed that your name is picked in the drawing on April 29th, and start thinking about which rescue you would like to see get the next EBP donation.
I am really hoping for an overwhelming response to this contest, because I would LOVE to see pictures of all of your dogs and their nicknames. Just to be fair, I’ve included photos of our dogs with their nicknames.
The winner will also receive a dog quilt, which I will post a photo of at a later date. Good luck everyone!


TAZ, also known as Mr McTavish, Spaz, and Freak Show


LENA, also known as Lena Bean, Beana, and Lena Beana Patina


CHARLIE, also known as Charlie McMarley, Charlie Cheeseburger, and Charlie Pancake

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