Another Side of Rescue

EllieBellie Project would like to thank Cocker Spaniel Resources for letting us have a glimpse into another side of what rescue organizations do. Pat and I were able to take part by providing transportation for the last part of what was a 350 mile journey for these two sweeties, today. We met another transport volunteer in Hudson WI and from there we took them to Amery WI. I couldn’t help but wonder if Ellie was part of a similar transport before she made her way to us. I made sure to tell these two what I would have wanted Ellie to hear…that whatever reason they were surrendered had nothing to do with them. They were good boys and it wasn’t their fault. I also reassured them that they would find a new home, and be loved and cared for. Please help me keep that promise by liking and sharing this post…maybe it will reach someone who is able to foster or adopt these two brothers. For more info, please contact CSR –

There’s Still Time to Enter the EBP Contest

Doesn’t Charlie look like he’s wondering why there aren’t more entries in the EllieBellie Project contest? There’s still time to enter the EBP contest, if you haven’t, yet. You could win the chance to name which rescue organization gets the next $300 donation and a new dog quilt for your favorite pooch. Here are the rules…

1 – Add a photo of your dog to the comments section of the “It’s Contest Time” post (dated 3.25.16) on the EllieBellie Project Facebook page, along with your dog’s real name, and their silliest nickname(s) – (you know, the one that you would never use in public). If you have more than one dog, please do separate “comments” for each.
2 – Share the EllieBellie Project “It’s Contest Time” post on Facebook. Please remember to do this step, because this is how you can help spread the word about EllieBellie Project.
3 – Keep your fingers crossed that your name is picked in the drawing on April 29th, and start thinking about which rescue you would like to see get the next EBP donation.image

A Voice for Lil Olive

If only more people knew about puppy mills… I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve said or thought that statement. I honestly believe that if everyone knew what goes on in a puppy mill, there would be no more puppy mills. We need to educate the public before we can put an end to puppy mills. EllieBellie Project is proud to announce their recent $100 donation to the campaign, A Voice for Lil Olive. I believe this upcoming documentary has what it takes to reach a large audience and make a difference. Follow along with me, as this film is brought to life –