There’s Still Time to Enter the EBP Contest

Doesn’t Charlie look like he’s wondering why there aren’t more entries in the EllieBellie Project contest? There’s still time to enter the EBP contest, if you haven’t, yet. You could win the chance to name which rescue organization gets the next $300 donation and a new dog quilt for your favorite pooch. Here are the rules…

1 – Add a photo of your dog to the comments section of the “It’s Contest Time” post (dated 3.25.16) on the EllieBellie Project Facebook page, along with your dog’s real name, and their silliest nickname(s) – (you know, the one that you would never use in public). If you have more than one dog, please do separate “comments” for each.
2 – Share the EllieBellie Project “It’s Contest Time” post on Facebook. Please remember to do this step, because this is how you can help spread the word about EllieBellie Project.
3 – Keep your fingers crossed that your name is picked in the drawing on April 29th, and start thinking about which rescue you would like to see get the next EBP donation.image

2 thoughts on “There’s Still Time to Enter the EBP Contest

  1. I might be too late to add to my list of nicknames I submitted earlier for my little girl Bella,but here they are. She goes by Honey Bunches, Bellmeister, Sugar Bug, Whirlybird, Tough Girl, Bark Monster, Queen Bee, Whiny Bird, Little Girl, BooBoo and Miss Jackson. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.


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