Contest Winner Decision Made

When Jaci Kimmes Crisp learned that she was the winner of our last contest, and one of the prizes was that she could pick which rescue organization received the next EllieBellie Project donation, she wasn’t quite sure which one she would pick. At least not at first, and then she saw our post from May 21st, when we helped transport Chewie to meet his new foster. Jaci said after seeing how happy Chewie looked in that picture, she knew at that moment that Cocker Spaniel Resources was where she wanted the next donation to go. Of course, I was thrilled, as there will always be a soft spot in my heart for CSR, because that is who we adopted Ellie from. They do amazing work, and this year is their 10 year anniversary. In that time they have rescued 724 dogs! EBP is almost half way to meeting our goal of $300 for this next donation. We have dog collars, quilts, and blankets available for sale on our website – Please like AND share this post, and help us spread the word, so we can send off that donation to Cocker Spaniel Resources, soon!

New Addition to EBP

It didn’t really come as a surprise when my daughter-in-law, Amanda, said that she was going to make dog collars to sell, so she could help raise money for EllieBellie Project. Since the day I met her, I knew we were kindred spirits – our love of dogs was an instant ice-breaker. Not to mention we both think Jon (my son, her husband) is a pretty wonderful guy, at least most of the time!
When it was decided that Wrigley (their first rescue) needed a playmate, Amanda knew exactly what kind of dog she wanted to fill that role. She wanted a pit bull, because she knew they were hard to place, since they have been wrongly declared a “bully” breed. I’ll admit that even I had some reservations about it, but Amanda was quick to defend the breed, and share with me all that she had learned about them. How silly I feel now, when I see Ms Fitz (their pit bull rescue), and what a sweet and gentle soul she is.
I am thrilled to have Amanda join me in EBP! Watch for the soon to be added ‘Available Dog Collars’ page, featuring the amazing collars she makes on our web site
Also, make sure you click on the ‘Dogs and Quilts and Collars, and an Occasional Cat’ page to see the lucky pups who have already gotten a new collar made by Amanda.
Welcome to EllieBellie Project, Amanda!image