Eileen aka Sandy

A week ago, we were included on an email from CSR looking for people to help transport a dog to Minnesota from Indiana. We volunteered to fill the last two spots, but they were unable to fill all the spots, so they told us they would try again the next weekend. We received word on Wednesday, that all the spots are now filled and the transport was scheduled for this Saturday. I was so happy to hear that, as I haven’t been able to get Eileen AKA Sandy off of my mind. She spent 7 years having puppies, and her description stated that she was nearly bred to death. I know I have a soft spot for these dogs, the ones that were bred over and over again, but I found myself getting choked up every time she came to mind. I tried to rationalize in my head how we could possibly adopt her, for I wanted to spoil this girl who never got to be ‘just a dog’, but with three little buddies in our home already, it wasn’t going to happen. So, I asked Pat if it would be odd for us to give Eileen an EllieBellie Project blanket when we met her. I wanted her to have something of her own that she could take with her when she gets a forever home. Pat didn’t think that was odd, and just a few minutes later, an email came through from one of the transporters, she was asking how much stuff Eileen would have with her, only to be told that Eileen had no possessions. I took that as my cue to say she would be getting an EBP blanket. Another volunteer said she would be bringing a toy or two and some treats for her. Eileen’s foster mom added that they would be buying her a new collar, as they do for all their new fosters. It was then I realized I didn’t need to adopt Eileen, for she was already loved by many, and her forever home would not be far away. It makes my heart happy to be a part of a group of people who already cared about a dog they hadn’t even met, yet.