Run Free, Eileen

It’s taken me two weeks to write this post. Not because I’m dragging my feet, but because I’ve been trying to come to terms with what I learned. My August 13th post told the story of Eileen coming into rescue, and how she could finally be just a dog. Eileen was only able to enjoy her freedom and new life in her wonderful foster home, for about a month. Eileen had inoperable mammary cancer and kidney failure, and she crossed over the rainbow bridge. This poor girl was so close to having the life she deserved, and then this. I’m sad and I’m angry, and I’m struggling with how unfair this is. All of it, not just how little of a good life she had, but why any dog has to suffer this way. Except for the last month of it, Eileen’s life only consisted of being bred over and over, and over, again, until her body could take no more. This is not okay, this will never be okay. Please share Eileen’s story with anyone you know who is considering buying a puppy from a puppy store or off of the Internet. Tell them to consider adopting, instead. I’m glad that we were able to meet Eileen, and I’m thankful for Cocker Spaniel Resources and her foster family for giving her a happy home, even if it was only for a short while. Run free, Eileen!