Booker Update

Today’s post was supposed to be a happy one. On Thursday we found out that Booker’s foster had decided to adopt him. We were all thrilled to hear that Booker had found his forever home. It sure didn’t take him long to win her over. Today we learned that during Booker’s vet visit, they found that he is in kidney failure. We also learned that he was abused in his first home, and it was the blows he took to his head that caused retina detachment, and that is why his eyes had been removed. 

My heart hurts today. It hurts for Booker, and all he has been through, it hurts for his foster mom, knowing her time with him will be short, and it hurts for all the other animals that are, or have been abused.


What a great way to kick off the weekend! Pat and I were able to be a part of Booker’s transport for Cocker Spaniel Resources, today. Booker is a 4 year old cockapoo, who is blind due to an accident as a puppy. Booker is such a gentle, sweet boy. He is going to make a great companion for some lucky adopter!

Doggie Day Trip

Pat and I spent our vacation day on a Doggie Day Trip. Never heard of that? Well, I’m not sure we had either, but it sure was fun. We started out by taking all three pups to Chuck & Don’s for some really good treats. Then off to Stillwater to stroll along the river, and roll in the grass. Actually, Charlie was the only one doing that, and I was lucky enough to snap a picture of it. A quick lunch on the way to Afton for another walk by the water. What a beautiful day, and what a great way to spend it. There will definitely be more Doggie Day Trips ahead!