Looking Back

Right away this morning, I felt a need to look back on the last year. Not at what I had accomplished or done in my personal life so much, as what happened with EllieBellie Project. I realize that EBP is a big part of my personal life, but I also hope that it is more than that. The year started off strong, in the first three months we were able to make three donations of $300 each to Last Hope, SecondHand Hounds, and Rescue Road Trips. In April we donated $100 towards the production of ‘A Voice for Lil Olive’ – a movie about puppy mills. Lena and I participated in the Bark for Life walk in May, raising $400 for the American Cancer Society. Pat and I were fortunate enough to be able to help with the transport of five rescue dogs, for CSR. Our daughter-in-law, Amanda, started making handcrafted dog collars to help EBP. We had a contest for the chance to pick the recipient of a $300 donation and an EBP quilt. We donated quilts to Animal Ark and National Mill Dog Rescue, for them to auction off. We had a drawing for an EBP quilt and matching collar at Pistons for Pets. Our page likes have grown to 143. We launched the EllieBellie Project website, and Ellie’s story was featured in Lucky Puppy magazine, as the Lucky Puppy of the Week. 
For all of this I am so grateful. We couldn’t have accomplished this without all of you supporting EBP. Some of you purchased quilts. Some of you purchased collars. Some of you gave money or fabric. Some of you commented on, or liked and shared our posts. Some of told your friends or family about EllieBellie Project. No matter what it was that you did – ALL of you helped, and I can’t thank you enough. I would like to believe that EBP is making a difference, and we couldn’t do that without you. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017!

Santa’s Nice List

I must’ve been very good this year, to get this custom-made commemorative Ellie pillow. Actually, I came across a display of dog pillows at the Junk Bonanza, and knew I NEEDED one of Ellie. I ordered it on the spot, and when I got home I let Pat know that my Christmas gift was taken care of. Then we ordered one of Ms Fitz for Amanda for Christmas. Annie at Studio Cyrk was great to work with, and she is so talented. Both Amanda and I love our new pillows. Check out her other creations at http://www.cyrkstudio.com.

I’d rather be a tough guy

The frigid temps are hard on the pups, but especially Taz. These last few days he struggles getting back inside, because his feet get cold and it’s hard to walk. I thought I’d make him some booties to wear when he goes out. While I was at it, I figured a matching scarf might be all the rage, right? Well, as you can see from the look on his face, he was having none of this. He would not go anywhere near the back door, let alone outside. I’m sure he was thinking if the neighbor dogs saw him, he’d never live it down. Needless to say, no booties for this tough guy – at least there’s relief in sight with warmer temps on the way.image