1st Donation of 2017

Copy of DONATION TIMEEllieBellie Project is excited to share the news that we’ve made our first donation of 2017! When Amanda started making collars for EBP last year, I told her that when we reached our goal of $300, she would get to choose who received the next donation. Well, it’s taken awhile, but we made it, and Amanda chose Riverside Regional Pet Shelter in Mankato, MN. Amanda knew of the great work they do there, because that is where they adopted Miss Fitz from.  Riverside Regional Pet Shelter is part of BENCHS (Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society). You may have heard of them, as they were recently in the news for helping dogs in high kill shelters in Texas find homes in Minnesota.  Thank you BENCHS for all that you do to help the animals, and thank you to everyone who has helped make another EBP donation possible!


The Reason

IMG_1786 (1)

This little one here, is the reason I haven’t gotten anything done for the last two hours. What started out as a little nap, has turned into the longest time (other than a car ride) that Lena has ever sat in my lap. As a puppy mill survivor she has made a lot of progress in the two years she has been with us, but just this weekend she has become a cuddler.  I may never move, again! ❤️`