We lost one of the good ones, today

The world of rescue lost a very special person today. Janet DeCraene, founder of Cocker Spaniel Resources passed away this morning. The day we first met Jan is the day that we first met our Ellie. Jan came to do our home visit when we adopted Ellie. Years later, after EllieBellie Project sent off that first $300 donation to Cocker Spaniel Resources in memory of Ellie, we received such a heartfelt thank you note from Jan and CSR. Jan said she remembered the day she brought Ellie into our lives, and that they felt blessed to receive our gift. Last year when Pat and I were able to assist with a few transports for CSR, it was Jan who would coordinate the rides.
In CSR’s post about Jan today, they wrote about all the hundreds of dogs and cats that Jan had helped rescue over the years, and how they would all be waiting to greet her as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Knowing Ellie, and how determined she could be, I’m pretty sure she had pushed her way to the front of the line to welcome Jan home, today.cropped-image1.jpeg

Donation Time – Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN

While enjoying my morning coffee one day and catching up on Facebook, I came across a post from Susie’s Senior Dogs. There was a picture of this cute little dog with floppy ears and big, brown eyes, and the following description…

Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN wrote, “George came to us back in early January, at 10 years young and with only a few remaining teeth. His needs are simple: A.) He wants a very soft, very fluffy blanket that he can curl up and hide under. B.) He loves his food, and LOVES getting treats! C.) He wants to be loved!
George is such an easy-going and loving little man, and asks so little of you. He loves, LOVES to curl up on a soft blanket (he likes the fuzzy ones the best) situated in a small patch of sunshine, where he will nap through lazy afternoons.

As soon as I was done reading the post, I knew what I needed to do. I contacted Good Karma and let them know that EllieBellie Project wished to donate one of our handcrafted blankets to George. Jeni, George’s foster mom was so excited to pick a blanket out for George. After she received the package in the mail she sent me photos of George enjoying his gift. I liked Good Karma’s facebook page, so I could keep an eye on George. It didn’t take long for Good Karma to receive a number of adoption applications for George, and I was so excited to then see the photo of George with his new family. I continued to follow Good Karma, and am very impressed with their rescue efforts. So impressed, that EllieBellie Project has chosen their organization to receive the next $300 donation. Thank you, Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN, for all the amazing work you do!good karma (2)