Donation Time


I don’t remember when or how I first learned about puppy mills, but I do know that what I learned drives me in what I do. We’ve witnessed first-hand the lasting effects of puppy mills, in our own adopted puppy mill survivors. Life in a cage, with little to no vet care, barely enough food to survive, just to be bred over and over, again IS NOT OKAY. I truly believe that educating the public about the horrors of puppy mills is what is needed to put an end to mills and the suffering these dogs endure on a daily basis. I am happy to announce that our next EBP donation is going to Bailing Out Benji. A small non-profit that is dedicated to ending animal suffering through education. I would love it if each and everyone of you hopped on over to their page, and then liked and shared it. By doing this you would be helping to inform and educate more people about puppy mills –




What do you do when your son and daughter-in-law adopt their first dog together? You gift them with a handcrafted EllieBellie Project quilt. Thank you Sally & Aaron Moen for your support of EBP, and thank you to your son, Brian and his wife Mellissa for adopting a rescue dog. I love Sadie’s big ears-what a cutie!

solstice kitchen (1)



We LOVE getting pictures of dogs and cats with their EllieBellie Project blankets or collars. This is a photo of Penny with her new blanket. I actually got to meet Penny the other day when I delivered her blanket, and she is the sweetest little girl. Thank you to her human, Karin Lund, for supporting EllieBellie Project!

penny 2