Our Team is Growing

A few weeks back I was contacted by an animal rescue group to provide a reference for a friend of mine. I didn’t hesitate, and I even asked the gal how much time she had, as it would take me quite a while to tell her how wonderful of a person she was asking about. I started out by telling her that there are people who will say to you, “If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know” and then there is Kari. While I think it is great that people ask, I think it’s amazing that Kari just jumps right in. At the events that EllieBellie Project takes part in, Kari doesn’t ask if she can help, she just lets me know what time she will be there. Maybe it’s because Kari knows that I am not good at asking for help, but more likely it’s just who she is. She is such a kind-hearted and caring person. After my recent knee surgery, she let me know she’d be stopping by to visit. During that visit, she asked me to show her how I make the dog blankets. After I showed her, she let me know that I would no longer be making all the blankets by myself. I gave her some of the fabrics that I had ready to go for blankets, but Kari being who she is, still stopped on her way home to buy more fabric. When I told her to let me know how much she spent, she let me know that we would not be discussing that, and that she wanted to be a part of EllieBellie Project, and help however she could. This past weekend she sent me a photo of the pile of blankets she has already completed for EBP. I’m pretty sure I could thank her and tell her over and over again, how incredible I think she is, but I will never be able to thank her enough for jumping in and becoming a part of EllieBellie Project.
As for that reference – Kari was approved for the adoption. Let me tell you about Benji. He was found as a stray in a parking lot in Missouri. Bailing Out Benji brought him into rescue, and posted a picture of him along with what little they knew about him. He is estimated to be 13 years old, he is blind in one eye from an old injury, and his other eye is ruptured. He was in desperate need of grooming as his fur was incredibly matted. Kari saw beyond all that, and only wanted to give him the life he deserved, a loving and quiet home. Benji joined Kari and her other dog, Bella (a puppy mill survior) in his new home a couple of weeks ago, now and he is loving life.
Please join us in officially welcoming Kari Brasel to the EllieBellie Project team!