After two trips to the emergency vet last Friday night and a trip to her regular vet clinic the next morning, our friend and fellow EBP crafter, Kari, lost her rescue pup, Bella. Kari adopted Bella a little over 3 years ago, knowing that Bella was a senior and that their time together wouldn’t be long. Kari opened her heart and her home to this puppy mill survivor, and gave Bella the best years of her life. It didn’t take long for this shy and scared dog to blossom, and take charge of the household. Our hearts go out to Kari.
Today, the first EBP donation of 2019 will be made to Homeward Bound Rescue of MN, in honor of Bella. Homeward Bound is the organization that Kari adopted Bella from. Since 1991 they have rescued over 12,000 dogs.