2 Years in a Row

For the past two years EllieBellie Project has donated EBP dog blankets to National Mill Dog Rescue for their online auction. Imagine how fun it was for us to find out that one of the winning bidders this year, was also one of the winning bidders from last year. Thank you, Maria G. for bidding on EBP blankets (two years in a row), and supporting NMDR – one of our favorite rescue groups. This picture is of the adorable Kovu sporting an EBP bandana and lounging on the blanket Maria won last year. Maria let us know that she has three littles at home, and they all LOVE their EBP blankets.


Last week’s donation marked a milestone for EllieBellie Project, as this put us just over $5000 in donations made to animal rescue organizations. That may not seem like a big number to some, but it’s a number that I hadn’t even dreamed of when I started this. All I really wished for at that time was enough to make one donation that first year to the rescue we adopted Ellie from. To think that we have made close to 20 donations since that time, overwhelms me with gratitude. To all of the people who have supported our mission by purchasing EBP dog/cat stuff, followed & shared our posts on Facebook & Instagram, donated fabric, came to the events we’ve been at, and told others about EBP – you are a part of this. We ALL did this together – thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Donation Time

It’s always fun to make a donation to a deserving animal rescue organization, but this donation is special in more ways than one. As you know, our family recently grew with the addition of Zuzu. What you may not be aware of is that Kari also recently adopted a sweet little dog she named Molly, and that both Zuzu and Molly were adopted from the same rescue. We were all extremely impressed with Underdog Rescue, and are thrilled to be donating to their group. Thank you, UDR for all that you do! – Underdog Rescue