About EBP

I started out making 12 dog quilts a year, and for two years I donated them to The Animal Ark, a local rescue organization.  Then after losing our Ellie to canine cancer on the day after Christmas (also my birthday) in 2014, I knew I wanted to do something more. I started a Facebook page titled EllieBellie Project, and started selling the quilts. I would then donate all of the money from the quilt sales to rescue organizations.  My goal was to sell 12 quilts at $25 a piece that first year, so that a $300 donation could be sent to CSR, where we adopted Ellie from. Much to my surprise, EllieBellie Project was able to make three donations in our first year!

In June of 2016, my daughter-in-law, Amanda joined EllieBellie Project.  All of the amazing dog collars are handcrafted by Amanda.  I am thrilled to have Amanda be part of the EllieBellie Project team!

Through EllieBellie Project, I met my very dear friend, Kari Brasel.  In the summer of 2018, Kari decided that she wanted to become part of EBP.  Kari is the one who started creating the EBP reversible dog bandanas.  She also handcrafts many of the dog and cat blankets, and is always helping out at the EllieBellie Project booth at events.  Kari is such a wonderful addition to the EBP team – we are so lucky to have her!